Stipe Miocic Helps Out At Grenfell Tower Fire!!!

Stipe Miocic Helps Out At Grenfell Tower Fire!!!

A photo has been leaked of Stipe Miocic standing alongside Prime Minister Theresa May at the Grenfell Tower Fire, the photo was taken by an onlooker who sent it to us here at MMA WHISPERS, we got in touch with Stipe’s PR Manager Amanda Curren who declined to comment on the photo due to Stipe wanting it not to be publicised he attended the fire. After contacting UFC Dana White got back to us to confirm he had given Stipe a release to go and fight the fire and Lorenzo Fertita let Stipe use his Super Sonic Private Jet to have him at the fire within 2 hours of it breaking out. Dana also gave us Stipe’s private number and we had a chance to catch up with The UFC’s World Heavyweight Champion:

MMA WHISPERS: Hi Stipe how are you and can you fill us in on why and what made you go to the fire in Grenfell?

Stipe: Well I was at home with The Wife when I turned on BBC International News, That’s right The Champ watches BBC International News!!! Any ways I rang Dana, who got in touch with the old Boss Lorenzo and he had his Super sonic jet come and get me, I just knew I had to do this for all of my English fans and had to go and help out.

MMA WHISPERS: What was the situation when you got there CHAMP?

STIPE: Well it was a mess, I had fire fighters hugging me thanking me for coming, I took charge of the situation pretty quick because when the CHAMP is on deck the death rate goes down, Tessy May called me asking if I could get the bloody fire out asap and I told Tessy THE CHAMP is here it’s going to be fine. I led those brave English fire fighters into that tower and we went to work, I had teams to my left and my right hosing down the flames while I carried people on my shoulders and under my arms out of that tower, it was hot, the heat from that fire made my balls sweat but I had no quit in me that’s why I am THE CHAMP!!!

MMA WHISPERS: CHAMP can you tell us how many lives you saved?

STIPE: Well y’all know when THE CHAMP is on duty there are minimal lives lost, my English buddies and I worked non stop to save as many people as we could and to get that fire out as quickly as possible!!! A lot of people lost their lives in that tower, we tried our hardest to save as many people as we could, it was one hot fire and was spreading so fast at times we thought about quitting but we kept on going, I didn’t want any publicity about this but the photo was leaked and here we are talking about it. All I can say is, I did it for the good people of England, anybody out there with a piece of decency in them would have done the same, damn we were stopping members of the public from going in and trying to get people out. This was for my English fans too, you guys have supported me through thick and thin so I had to go and try to save as many lives as I could, next time THE CHAMP is in England I will defend my title and all of the proceeds will go to helping those poor family’s who lost everything.

MMA WHISPERS: Champ we are in awe of you and what you did, all we can say is THANK YOU CHAMP!!!

STIPE: Y’all are welcome and THE CHAMP loves each and everyone one of you.

Great words from The UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic, a true gentleman and a true Fire Fighter, MMA WHISPERS always brings you the word from The Street and well this story has shown MMA Fighters are not just Fighters but true humanitarians too!!!!

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