Soldier Of God receives Papal Blessing!!

Yoel Romero receives Papal Blessing!!

Hot off the presses fight fans, Yoel Romero has just received a blessing from The Pope, that is right a blessing from The Pope, Yoel was invited to The Vatican to receive the blessing before his big UFC Middleweight Interim Championship Match vs Robert Whittaker from our very own Sydney Australia, we caught up with Yoel to ask him about going to The Vatican.

MW: Hi Yoel what a surprise for you being invited to The Vatican, can you tell us how it came about?

YR: I am The Soldier Of God so God called to my phone and he said Yoel, Papa wants to bless youooo before the big fight! I go to see Papa and he bless me, now Robert Whittaker you are ina biga trouble, I will now beat you very hard!!! God is good and he give me the power to win now!! Papa he say to me, Soldier Of God, you go fight and win, you knee that boy in de head and win!! So now I win, very simple.

MW: Thank you for talking to us Yoel.

YR: God bless you.

There you have it fight fans The Soldier Of God has been blessed, look out Robert Whittaker!!!

International fight week is fully upon us fight fans, this is going to be one crazy week in Vegas.

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