Johnson vs Gaethje Fight Of The Year?

Well here we are in the aftermath of The Ultimate Fighter Redemption Finale, after what was a sparse display of fights with very little excitement coming from a lot of the fights, Johnson vs. Gaethje headlined and fully delivered. Gaethje said before the fight he was not afraid and would fight his fight how he normally fights in his aggressive always coming forward exciting way, well he did just that. Gaethje showed little or no Octagon nerves for his first fight in the UFC after coming from The World Series Of Fighting where he was lightweight champion, Gaethje looked like a seasoned UFC veteran walking to the Octagon. Once the Octagon door was locked, we were underway for what would be an exciting back and forth battle which never looked as though it would see the third round, after a slightly slow start to the first, the leather began to fly, the fans in the arena stood up from their seats and began highly invested in this fight which could have gone either way at certain pints of the fight. Johnson stunned Gaethje with a right hook to the jaw, this came after Gaethje had kicked Johnson then followed up after this with some hard head shots which you could see Johnson did not like and was slightly stunned from. Both men went to their stools after round 1 soaking with sweat, looking tired and slightly battered, the output volume in round 1 was phenomenal and neither man backed off with their punching power, forgetting about pacing themselves for a 5 round battle and going balls to the wall at a very fast pace. As round 2 began the crowd were reaching fever pitch with excitement knowing this fight was not getting out of the second and one of these men would be stopped sooner rather than later. Both Gaethje and Johnson dished out and took a lot of body shots in this round, you could see the body shots were taxing on both men, the leather flew once again as both men let fly with full force, but this time around you could see Johnson’s punches were lacking the power they had in round 1 and Gaethje began walking him down with more pressure but Johnson managed to stay off the cage more than he did in round 1. The crowd switched from cheering for Johnson to cheering for Gaethje, Johnson received a body shot and a knee to the face which you could clearly see hurt him and Gaethje did not let up with the pressure after this, which seemed to suffocate Johnson and Johnson had a look of despair on his face, Gaethje walked Johnson down into the cage with more punches and body shots which led to Johnson going to the ground on one knee where Gaethje opened up again on him, Big John had seen enough and called an end to the fight. Words cannot describe the excitement of this fight, it was one for the ages, for MMA fans who had not seen Gaethje before this would have been a marvel as to his forward pressure and seemingly wreck less abandon at not worrying about being hit by his opponent where at times he was nearly dropped but popped back up. For MMA fans who had seen Gaethje fight before we knew it was coming, but maybe in the back of our minds thought he may have some Octagon nerves and Johnson would get the better of him, but no this did not happen, he said he was going to deliver and he did massively, all we can say now is, it’s about time Gathje arrived at the big dance and welcome!!! Gaethje will now be ranked number 5 in the lightweight division, is open to taking on all the best in the division, he also thinks Ferguson is not going to fight him, we here at MMA WHISPERS think a lot of fighters in the lightweight division just literally shit their pants watching that fight knowing that another real fighter who won’t duck anybody has entered the ultimate proving grounds of combat.


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