Holly Holm and Jon Jones the first couple of MMA!

Holly Holm and Jon Jones the first couple of MMA!

Holly Holm and Jon Jones are the first couple of MMA, they look so beautiful and happy together this is what tv show scripts are made of, we at MMA WHISPERS are not ones for spreading rumours so we haven’t broken this story without collecting information on what is going on here, all over the interweb at varying times photos and videos keep popping up of Holly and Jon having fun happy times together. Could Holly be the Yin that Jones needs for his Yang, we don’t know but one thing is for sure when these to are together Jon always seems very happy and never gets into trouble with the 5-0!!!



















Here Jon and Holly enjoying each others company, looking very cosy, relaxed and in tune with each other, could this be love or could it just be two good friends enjoying a night out together? We don’t know but we must say that Holly does bring out the best in Jon.

We cannot blame Jon for succumbing to the temptaion of Holly Holm when Holly moves her hips all men succumb to temptation, a wonderful video showing how in tune with each other they both are, who are we to judge two good friends and team mates having fun together, we called both Holly and Jon for a comment this is what Holly had to say:

HH ” Who are you from MMA WHISPERS? Who is that?”

MW ” Holly we are a street based news organisation getting the MMA news from the street out to the fans, can you comment on your relationship with Jon Jones? It seems like you two are vey cozy together”.

HH ” Well if you must know we are great friends and team mates and nothing more, we train hard together, to achieve success, Jon teaches me new moves and I teach Jon new moves all the time, his flexibility has come a long way in the last couple of years and that has come from me working him hard, keeping him interested and from me being an all around good old gal who likes to work big men hard and keep them hard, I mean working hard. Jon is coming back and people need to be aware I have shaped, moulded and taught him moves he thought he would never be able to achieve, but now he can, when a man can put his trust in a woman there is nothing he can achieve without a little bit of a hard push if you know what I mean hehehehe.”

MW ” thank you for clearing everything up Holly, we look forward to your next fight”.

HH ” That is fine is that an Irish accent I hear there?”.

MW ” Yes it is Holly why?”.

HH ” I love an Irish accent, if your ever down my way in Albuquerque, drop by and I will give you a good hard work out and teach you how to be a real man hahahaha, thank you for calling and please call again bye bye now”.

There you have it fight fans Holly and Jon are just team mates and holly has been helping Jon to become a better hard more flexible fighter, we tried to contact Jon Jones but did not receive a reply just yet.


Coming soon!!!!

Holly, Jon, Yoel and Joanna love triangles the investigation continues!!












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