About Us

MMA WHISPERS came from an idea of having an MMA news website with satirical funny stories mixed with real MMA news, we are MMA fans who have watched the sport for over 20 years, from Bushido, to Pancreas, to Pride,to UFC, plus more, all of our satirical content is meant to be funny and not to be taken seriously and also it is not in any form or way us trying to disrespect any MMA fighters what so ever. The satirical content is meant to be taken as funny, not seriously and not as fact, if any satirical piece that has been written and published on the website offends anybody it is about please contact us and we will be more than happy to take it down, we are not here to offend anyone or cause any problems for anybody.

Our aim is to push MMA with satirical pieces and also real pieces of MMA news, we are looking for more writers, if anybody is interested please contact via our contact page and we will be in contact with you, we would also like to push unknown fighters who are working their way to the top, we would like to do features on you, we can interview you either by phone, email or we can interview you on our podcast the choice is yours. We are based in Australia, but will push any fighters from anywhere in the world, we would also like to do stories on smaller promotions around the world, including all of their news, so please contact us by our contact page and would be be more than happy to feature your promotion on our website and also social media pages.

From all of us at MMA WHISPERS we hope you enjoy our website and endeavour to get bigger as time goes on.